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Apollo 11 45th Anniversary Medallion Contains Metal Flown to Moon


This medallion is 1.75" in diameter with the Apollo 11 logo and the moon on one side, and the opposite side is the Apollo Program Emblem, First Footprint, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's photo.This Apollo 11 45th Anniversary medallion contains metal from the Command Module that flew the first men who walked on the moon in 1969-2014. Limited to 10,000 with no more to be made, makes this medallion one of a kind.
Considering the real value of this historic medallion, the cost is significantly below what would be expected of a collectible such as this. Dimension-ally rendered in Antique Bronze Includes a Circular Presentation Case. This two sided Medallion is 1.75" in diameter.
 Medallion contains Apollo Command Module Metal that went to the moon!
 A Beautiful Antique Bronze / Sandblasted Finish
Winco International (Winco) hereby certifies that the metal included in the Apollo 45th Anniversary Medallions is taken from Apollo Command Module that flew to the Moon. Various undefined flown metal types and percentages have been used in the production of these medallions.
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